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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 26, 2019

If you’ve ever closed a deal or even spoken with a lead, you know how many hours go into closing a single deal. From visiting the property to sales meetings to renovations, you’ve got to spend a lot of time on-site—especially if you’re a one-man show.

It might sound impossible, but what if you could close...

Jun 19, 2019

Whether you started investing 5 days ago or 5 years ago, you run a business.

And like any business owner, you ran into some challenges.

Even though your problems might look unsolvable, there’s usually an investor you can learn from who has overcome and even profited from the challenges you’re facing.

One of those...

Jun 12, 2019

If you do what everyone else is doing, your best case scenario is getting the exact same results as them (probably worse than them, if we’re honest). But if you want to dominate your market, you have to do better.

Doing better means innovating. It means marketing where your competition doesn’t market so you close...