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REI Marketing Nerds

Jul 3, 2019

Whether you’ve become an investor recently or have decades of experience, you’ve probably noticed that real estate investing is exploding with popularity. 

For you, that means you’re getting more and more competition. Flippers, wholesalers and rental property owners all have to fight with a gang of other investors over the same amounts of leads.

Luckily, you can make great money in your market without competing with others…

...if you invest in something the competition isn’t investing in. 

Today’s guest Michael Rogers’ makes most of his money from self-storage facilities. In this episode, you’ll find out how he markets his business to attract leads for multiple investing opportunities.

Show highlights include:

  • Whenever you invest in a seminar, coaching or mentorship—make sure you do this before (else you’re throwing your money away). (8:00)
  • How most investors look at online marketing—and how that attitude nearly eliminates your chance of success. (9:30)
  • The big challenges and advantages of investing in self-storage facilities. (12:00)
  • How being a CPA helped Michael become a better real estate investor (and this doesn’t have much to do with bookkeeping). (15:00)

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