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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 22, 2018

As a real estate investor, you’ve probably wished to “dominate your local market” before. Maybe it seems like a distant goal to you, maybe you’re moving closer to domination every day.

Whatever your case may be, this episode will help you accelerate the process, because you’ll learn what dominating your market really means (not just getting a lot of leads) and how to box out your competition to keep your position in the market.

Show highlights include:

- What “dominating your market” really means. (2:30)
- Two metrics to evaluate if your lead generation is setting you up for market domination. (3:25)
- Why spending more on advertising is NOT the only key to success. (4:50)
- How to get caught in a virtuous cycle which reinforces your market position. (6:50)
- Why just doing something in every medium won’t work. (13:00)
- 3 advantages to “third-party listings” like the yellow pages. (14:55)
- An underused, yet well-known technique to get high rankings quickly. (17:00)

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