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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 29, 2018

In business, we often want things to be as easy as 1-2-3. If you had a single cause-and-effect relationship for each of your goals outlined, you would achieve them in record time, every time.

The problem is: Reality is more complicated.

In reality, an action doesn’t have a single specified outcome, but influences many different outcomes. This is true in relationships, athletics and, of course, real estate markets.

You can either ignore this complexity and get surprised by sudden changes like exploding lead costs and powerful competitors—or leverage complexity to box out your competition, even if you’re less established.

This episode teaches you how to leverage our complicated world to dominate real estate markets anywhere. Show highlights include:

- How most people normally think—and why that way is insufficient for running a profitable REI business. (3:45)
- The important difference between a system and a “straight line”. (5:00)
- How your leads get more expensive by making the obvious choice to get cheaper leads. (5:55)
- Why outbidding your competition can ruin a market. (8:00)
- How to think in systems to beat your competition. (10:40)
-One metric to watch which gives you an almost unfair advantage in the two most popular paid ads networks. (11:00)
- Why spending $100 on a pillow can yield a gigantic ROI (it sounds odd, but this is systems thinking in action) (18:05)
- Which book to read to learn how to solve life, business and even societal problems using systems thinking. (19:30)

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