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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 5, 2018

You can control many things: You control which marketing you run, who does your accounting, which agency you work with, which ZIP codes to focus on, etc.

Now, there’s one thing you have no control over—the market. The market does whatever it does. Sometimes you’ll think half the town wants to sell their house, the next year it’s hard to generate just a few leads. You could be one of a few investors in town for years—but a real estate seminar can always flood your market with competition.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to thrive under any situation the market throws at you.

Show highlights include:

- Why today’s real estate market is especially hard to win in (if you’re an investor, you’ve probably felt this “squeeze” before). (3:15)
- The two major factors making REI extra hard today—and how to win anyway (and long-term). (7:00)
- What to do when you get less leads AND pay more money for them (this will also help you box out your competition). (9:20)
- Why a “fair” competitive advantage is useless in the long-term (even if “unfair advantage” sounds spooky to you). (12:25)
- The three major categories you can build your unfair advantage in. (19:35)

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