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REI Marketing Nerds

Oct 24, 2018

As an investor, you’ve probably looked at your local market—and found the one thing you hoped you wouldn’t find: Fierce competition. Many investors despair in the face of competition. They think they’ll never close a deal, they give up on their dreams of doing what they love.

And it seems to make sense: With so much content online teaching new investors, there’s more competition for motivated seller leads than ever before. Online marketing prices are climbing higher and higher, investors fight over search ranks like pigeons over table scraps and people are tired of receiving the same templated postcard over and over again.

Luckily, you don’t have to fall in the trap of thinking competition will kill your investing business. In this episode, you’ll learn how to not only beat entrenched competition, but leverage it to stand out, generate seller leads on autopilot and close deals regularly.

Show highlights include:

- How to secure profitable SEO ranks—even when you think everyone “got there” before you. (5:10)
- Yes, there is a lot of competition. Here’s why the bar for massive progress and profit is still set low and you can start making progress NOW. (8:15)
- Most investors only do this one thing and think they’re done. Put in an extra hour or two and you’ll stand out from your competition (their lack of effort will make you look even better). (9:50)
- Products and software help everyone start equally strong, right? - - Learn how to make them take you twice as far as your competition—without doubling your effort. (11:15)
- 10 quickly accomplished things to do with an out-of-the-box website to multiply your results—almost nobody does this, granting you an almost unfair advantage. (13:45)
- Think you need more money into your business to finally attract leads and close deals? Think again. Here’s the free thing which will actually set you apart. (15:30)

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