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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 21, 2018

Whether you market your real estate business with postcards, bandit signs or online marketing, you market for one thing: Deals.
Now, you can do marketing which sends a trickle of leads to your business, allowing you to close a deal every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to flood your business with enough motivated sellers you’ll have to turn some of them down, you can’t do ordinary marketing—you need to create a buzz around your business.

Christian Fautz has done this in the Fort Myers area in Florida. In this episode, he reveals how he not only dominates his local market, but turned himself into a local celebrity.

Show highlights include:

- How to stop competing on a level playing field and shift the odds in your favor by turning yourself into a high-profile investor. (9:05)
- Do you hate making offers? Here’s how you make offers effortlessly and score more money on every deal. (11:25)
- How to get yourself and your real estate business on TV—and why TV is so great for investors. (11:40)
- The simplest technique for squeezing more potential out of every marketing asset you have. (13:30)
- A reliable “set it and forget it” authority and conversion rate booster. (13:55)
- The most undervalued marketing asset in the investing world. This is already popular in mainstream marketing, so leverage this now before other investors catch on. (15:55)
- The one-sentence summary of how to become a high-profile investor in your market. (23:40)


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