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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 5, 2018

As an investor, you’re not just investing: For your REI business to afford you the lifestyle you want, you also need to do everything else that makes a successful business run. And while lead gen, marketing and other things are important, no investor has ever been successful without being able to sell. You could be generating 100 leads a day—if you can’t sell, you stay broke.

But you can’t master sales in a few weeks. Turning strangers into raving fans in a single conversation takes years to learn. But you don’t have to slave away at becoming the world’s best salesperson.

In this episode, Dan Schwartz reveals how he “sells” leads without spending his valuable time on countless phone calls with motivated sellers. You’ll learn how you can do the same and spend your newfound free time as you choose while you let automation do the work.

Show highlights include:

- Do you feel like your marketing dollars vanish into nothing? Here’s how you make your marketing budget go the distance and generate leads and even deals on autopilot. (4:45)
- What the most successful investors all have in common. (5:50)
- How to make your follow-up (this is where nearly all deals are closed) return you maximum money in minimum time. (7:30)
- The best way to qualify leads that doesn’t clog up your personal time. (11:00)
- Do this after every interaction with a lead and you’ll multiply your value per lead. (13:20)
- If you’re investing to build a lifestyle, not just a business, here’s how to “80/20” your private life to get more out of your free time. (27:00)
- How to turn laziness from a weakness into a strength—whether you’re trying to run a business or cut a fast food line. (28:30)
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