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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 12, 2018

Overwhelm is one of the biggest challenges real estate investors face today. Maybe you’re confused by all the choices, tactics and strategies you have.

And who could blame you? There are more celebrity investors, coaching programs, books and seminars than ever before, all claiming to teach how to become a successful investor. You end up with a mountain of to-dos and ideas, not sure which will bring results.

This interview with Cassidy Melhorn will give you clarity. Instead of bombarding you with “hacks” and “tricks”, you’ll get simple, hands-on strategies Cassidy used to grow his REI business without getting overwhelmed.

Show highlights include:

- How Cassidy sold calculators in college—listen and pick up his simple, yet effective mindset for investing with high profit margins. (9:00)
- How Cassidy found his first house to invest in. (11:15)
- Why flipping things other than homes can help you lap any other investor in your market. (16:05)
- Why the house is NOT the most important thing to examine in a deal. (18:20)
- How Cassidy would start over in today’s market if he had to. (23:00)
- When you close a deal, the check isn’t the most valuable thing you get—here’s what it really is. (23:55)

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