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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 2, 2020

Becoming a real estate investor often leads to asking one of the most important questions every day: How will good people find me? 

Attracting high-quality leads is much more than slapping around keywords on the internet. Digging deeper into the secrets of Google Ads puts you right back in the driver’s seat of attracting the clients you want without burning a hole in your pocket. 

In this episode, learn how to weaponize your Google Ads account and fight against the leads that steal your time and money. Sound good?

Show highlights include: 

  • The most critical thing about Google PPC - and why almost every competitor gets this wrong. (2:11)
  • The little trick that Google keywords are playing on you right now (and how to outwit the words). (5:03)
  • How being a picky person lands you more lifetime clients. (7:24)
  • The golden rule about Google Ads and how this puts business back in your control. (11:50)

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