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REI Marketing Nerds

Feb 24, 2021

The personal touch of direct mail is something email can’t replicate. Most end up in the spam folder, ignored by potential sellers, and then you’re spending money without sending a message. 

Direct mail has seen a spike in the last few years. Take the and for you, that could mean more buyers and sellers. But take the guesswork out of your mailing lists and trap better results by learning from the experts (instead of spending even more money).

Today’s guest Ryan Dixon, of REI Print Mail, shares what tools bring you deals on demand and why direct mail never fails in an ever-shifting market.

Show highlights include:

  • The “[NAME] Superpower”How direct mail uses superpowers to flood your phone with deals (even during a pandemic). (2:43)

  • How your ‘inner artist’ sabotages mailing lists - and tools you need for designing direct mail everyone loves. (6:15)

  • Why marketing experts top tech gurus are moving into direct mail right now - and how to successfully profit from your mailing lists (even when everyone jumps ship for the ‘next big thing’). (19:30)

  • How to combine direct mail with your other marketing tools for a system that attracts high-quality leads on repeat. (24:45)

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