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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 3, 2021

You might think the goal of making content is to grow your business. But most real estate investors end up writing hundreds of blog posts for less than a penny. 

But generating leads and traffic isn’t about what you post, but where it ends up.…and Most people don’t know where and end up writing for an audience of one. 

In this episode, you’ll find out about learn the three critical mistakes investors make when with posting online and how to avoid hosting an abandoned website with content that ranks above your competitors. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why thousands of blog posts end up hiding your website from motivated sellers the world - and how to get a flood of traffic on a single page. (2:50)

  • The real reason nobody likes what you post and how to attract more leads become more popular than your competition instantly. (8:08)

  • Why running a website more successful than your competitors starts with a simple Google search and counting some words. (10:46)

  • The “investment” mindset that dominates your market and generates leads on repeat. (13:27)

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