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REI Marketing Nerds

May 19, 2021

Have you ever noticed how most government programs fail? The reason they do is because there are multiple competing criteria for success. 

Real estate investors make this same mistake when they’re running ads. When you want high lead volume, a low cost-per-lead, and high-quality leads you make it almost impossible for your ads to succeed — because each of these criteria compete against each other. 

Not only does this “nuke” your budget, but you end up getting the lowest quality leads possible. It’s the worst of all worlds.

In this episode, I’m revealing why most things fail and how optimizing for one criterion saves you from falling in this trap. 

Show highlights include:

  • The cold, hard truth about why most government programs fail (and how simplifying helps you avoid this in your ad campaigns) (3:58) 
  • How optimizing your ads for eyeballs and a low cost-per-lead suffocates your success (8:18) 
  • How to drown your ads with thousands of views and clicks for a few cents on the dollar (and why you shouldn’t do it) (10:46) 
  • The “One Criterion Strategy” that saves you oodles of money and generates higher quality leads in your ad campaigns (12:20) 
  • Why your ad campaigns are bleeding you dry (even if they’re bringing in new leads every day) (12:37) 

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