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REI Marketing Nerds

Jul 14, 2021

New regulations on SMS marketing are coming down the pipeline. Committing some of these "criminal" mistakes results in fines — sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars.  

That’s the bad news. 

The good news? 

Text message marketing isn’t dead. In fact, by applying the principles covered in this episode, you’ll have a leg up on all your competitors who are using SMS marketing. 

Damon Remy, owner of REI BlackBook and SMS marketing expert, joins me to discuss these new regulations, how they affect your SMS strategy, and how to continue to use SMS in your marketing.

Show highlights include:

  • Why some investors are getting fined tens of thousands of dollars for marketing over text in the wrong way (and the simple way to avoid big, fat fines) (1:36) 
  • The weird way automation wipes out your free time instead of creating more (7:43) 
  • How the 2019 TRACE Act can cost you up to $10k per unsolicited text message (17:04) 
  • Why relying only on texting for lead generation will sabotage your business soon (25:38) 
  • How to use text messages to nurture your leads (without getting ransacked by fines) (29:02) 
  • The “Keyword Trick” for creating conversational text messages your leads won’t hate to get (31:52) 
  • 2 simple ways to get written permission to text your database and avoid expensive fines (32:22) 
  • The #1 most important (and overlooked) factor that determines how many online leads turn into clients (33:31) 
  • How you’re decreasing your chances of closing a new lead by 100x in the first 15 minutes (34:44) 

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