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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 4, 2021

Google rolled out a new link spam update to their SEO algorithm on Jul 27, 2021. Will this new update affect your site’s rankings? 

If you were involved in manipulating Google’s algorithm by using spammy “hacks,” then your results might suffer. And even if you weren’t manipulating Google, your site still could be affected. 

Google’s new link spam update looks at two specific types of links. One of which, many real estate investors use in their SEO strategy. 

In this episode, I reveal what Google’s new update is, how it will affect your site’s rankings, and what you can do to attract new leads and clients on Google after this update.

Show highlights include:

  • Why backlinks are still a central part of attracting leads from Google (even if they’re not as important as they once were) (3:23) 
  • How trying to “hack” Google’s algorithm to rank higher backfires and lowers your rank (9:03) 
  • Why affiliate and guest posting links can send your website to Google purgatory (10:36) 
  • Have you used guest posting to boost your SEO in the past? Here’s why you shouldn't be worried about Google’s new update (16:37) 
  • 3 keys that transform guest posting from a useless tactic into a way to attract new leads and clients (18:20) 
  • Why getting 1-2 links per month helps you close more deals than getting 10+ links per month (19:07) 

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