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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 8, 2021

Testing fuels all online marketing. It’s the only way to consistently improve your ads and get better results. 

However, there’s one big, fat mistake real estate investors make. They extend this logic when testing marketing agencies. And Google permanently bans real estate investors who try this.

Not only is it ban-worthy, but it won’t get you any more motivated seller leads.

In this episode, I reveal why you shouldn’t test marketing agencies like you do your ads. I’ll also show you a better way to test different marketing agencies (without getting your account banned). Listen to the episode now before you commit this fatal mistake. 

Show highlights include:

  • The boring, yet powerful way to make all your online ads more profitable (2:55) 
  • Why “testing” two marketing agencies like you would ads can get you banned from Google (even if it attracts leads in the short term) (4:18) 
  • How one  “temporary” suspension from Google can get you banned from running Google Ads forever (8:38)
  • Why hiring two different marketing agencies skyrockets your cost per click, plummets your results, and can even make you pay double for the same exact lead (11:01) 
  • The 3-month rule for testing marketing agencies (without getting banned from Google or killing your results) (13:23) 

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