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REI Marketing Nerds

Oct 20, 2021

Big Tech has been using your data for quite some time. And every click, conversion, and data set makes their AI smarter and more equipped online. 

Protecting your data is the only way to protect your leads in an algorithmic future. The smarter AI is, the more accurate it can find leads and deals. That’s the game of tech companies (and it could easily take you out).

Most people are feeding into data streams without realizing they can profit from it (and protect themselves).

In this episode, I reveal how to make the most money from your data (and use it as a competitive edge against big tech).

Show highlights include:

  • The future of big tech’s artificial intelligence (and how your data makes it smarter). (1:02) 
  • Using the ‘Logging Company’ comparison to find value (and profit) from your damaged assets. (5:30) 
  • How to beat the game of Artificial Intelligence and bank on big piles of data. (8:50)
  • How to turn unreliable data sets into a tool for consistent leads. (10:42) 
  • The Data Set essentials for making the most money online (and avoid it falling into the wrong hands). (15:15) 

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