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REI Marketing Nerds

Jul 6, 2022

Most investors can get leads. Send enough postcards, mail enough letters and run enough ads—somebody will call you. 

But many leads waste your time. They expect sky-high prices, don’t want to sell or don’t understand what you do. 

The less you waste your time with these tire kickers, the more you can talk with real, motivated leads and close deals.

In this episode, Vince Hall from Call Porter shows you how to qualify leads on the phone to weed out those who waste your time and focus on lucrative deals instead. 

Want to stop wasting your time and close more deals? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why picking up the phone could be the most profitable activity in your business. (9:48)
  • The “4 pillars of a good real estate deal” checklist that helps you qualify leads in minutes. (12:42)
  • How an overseas VA can hurt your business (and why “overpaying” for U.S.-based phone operators lets you close more deals) (19:10)
  • How to make Instagram give you more views on their algorithm by adding silly songs to your videos. (31:20)

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