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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 14, 2022

The short-term rental space has a massive amount of untapped potential. 

There is no competition. Younger generations want to live a nomadic lifestyle. And today’s guest, co-founder of Techvestor, Sief Khafagi, knows how to drive 52% more occupancy than your competitors. 

In this episode, Sief shares why the short-term rental market can become your most profitable asset. He reveals how you can break into the industry. And he explains how you can do it without any of the headaches you typically associate with short-term rentals. 

Want to scale your business in an untapped market with no competition? Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to insstnalt move into the top 1% in the short-term rental market (2:40) 
  • Why entering the short-term rental market us like entering the real estate investing industry 10 years ago where competition doesn’t exist (3:32) 
  • 2 bulletproof (and wildly profitable) reasons to grow your business by 2-4x this year with short-term rentals (3:55) 
  • Why you can sell short-term rentals based on their projected revenue instead of their actual value (4:32) 
  • The backwards “Single Family Mindset” mistake which can make you stinkin’, filthy rich in the next 5-10 years (7:09) 
  • How to make passive income with short-term rentals (without finding, designing, or furnishing properties) (11:02) 
  • How to drive 52% more occupancy than your competitors in the short-term rental market (13:47) 

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