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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 9, 2022

Within your first few years of real estate investing, any good investor makes way more than they ever had in their life. 

And a negative aspect of more income is Uncle Sam demands a much larger payday for your hard work. Today’s guest, real estate investor, Mike Deaton, found this out the hard way. 

But instead of submitting to Uncle Sam’s foot, Mike found some creative commercial real estate industries to maximize his income and minimize his taxes. 

In this episode, Mike reveals how to use commercial real estate investing to lower your tax bill (even if you have no experience in commercial real estate). 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • 3 of the best commercial real estate industries for dramatically cutting Uncle Sam’s bill (2:23) 
  • Why Texas is the best state to grow a multifamily extension to your investing business (even if you don’t live there) (4:56) 
  • The “Hopes and Aspirations” copywriting trick which makes every investment more attractive to buyers (7:49) 
  • 2 profitable reasons why “wasting” thousands of dollars on coaching fast tracks your growth (10:11) 
  • How to crush your stock market returns—while also lowering your taxes (13:23) 

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