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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 30, 2022

Most business owners give themselves a new job. They work backbreaking hours and can’t spend time with their family. 

The worst part? 

They get minimal profits for their efforts.  

Being trapped in this situation will lead to burnout and depression. It is a formula for stagnant growth and frustration.    

But you don’t have to stay caged in a mediocre and miserable life.  

In fact, a business can be designed with ease to give you maximum freedom (without having to do all the work yourself).  This is how you unlock absolute leverage and freedom.  

Today’s guest, real estate investor, developer and multiple business owner, Greg Dickerson, has cracked the code for growing wealth-generating companies.  Best part? You can easily apply Greg’s lessons to your business today.  

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to go from a small one-man shop with a truck to doing $30 million a year in 7 years (7:15)
  • How to set up multiple assets that spit out cash to fund your real estate investments (7:45)
  • Why running your REI business like a restaurant unlocks massive growth (10:00)
  • The “Multiplier Formula” for running 8 thriving companies at the same time (14:10)
  • How to transform any struggling company to a cash cow overnight with the “guerilla marketing” technique   (15:25)
  • How missing this one distinct concept from Rich Dad Poor Dad will leave you broke (20:00)
  • The “Scaling” hack for creating multiple businesses (without you running them) (32:15)

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