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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 21, 2022

As an investor, your ability to manage risks can make or break your business.  

Most investors forget the fundamentals of risk management and only evaluate risks after the deal is closed.  

This can lead to disaster and maybe even bankruptcy.

The good news?

You can master risks by protecting your upside.  

This is a superpower if you master it.

In this episode, Jeb Altonaga from Clearglass Capital Partners joins me to reveal how to manage your risk in your real estate business.

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to quickly create unique ideas to build wealth for yourself and your family (7:45)
  • The immigrant “hustle mentality” that helps you succeed in business (8:00)
  • The “Leap Frog” technique that lets you scale your investing business (while managing the downside) (12:45)
  • 2 common mistakes most investors make when managing risks (17:00)
  • The “Grit” formula for handling and overcoming failure (20:45)

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