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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 11, 2023

Real estate investors love to work their butts off.  They chase deals from one side of the country to another. 

But this strategy quickly leads to overwhelm and burn out and misery.  

Want to know the secret to maximizing your efforts and reducing burn out?

Focus. Focus leads to speed in the marketplace. It drives you to build better systems. And it turns you into the go-to person whenever a deal comes up in the area.  

In this episode, Gary Lipsky from Break of Day Capital continues our conversation and shares his system for building a pipeline of deals by using this superpower called focus.  

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to spot lucrative deals while you’re out drinking with your friends (2:00)
  • The secret to moving quickly on deals (even if you are an overthinker) (4:00)
  • Use this pattern recognition superpower to recognize lucrative deals before anyone else does (5:00)
  • The “Instant Authority” method to building trust in your marketplace to be a magnet for deals (11:15)
  • How to stay committed to your goals every time (even if you hate setting them) (14:00)
  • The “Authentic” formula to do things that you love in your real estate business (without burning out) (17:25)

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