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REI Marketing Nerds

Feb 22, 2023

Most real estate investors think about one thing and one thing only: 

Their bottom line.  

The result? 

They hit their financial goals, only to realize they’re miserable. 

Why is that?

As a society, we’re taught to believe that success is the only path to a good life. But that’s far from the truth.  In fact, success often interferes with what we’re actually after: Happiness. 

But what if you could have both? 

In this episode, Brad Chandler of Express Home Buyers, joins us to discuss how you can reprogram your mind to achieve happiness every step of the way in your business.      

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How your subconscious mind controls  85% of your actions and prevents you from achieving your goals (13:10)
  • What you can discover and implement about real estate investing from Sigmund Freud (15:00)
  • Why traditional therapy and medicine don’t really fix your problems (and what to do instead) (16:00)
  • The Hypnotist’s secret weapon to help you succeed in your real estate career (17:00)
  • The dark part of your mind that keeps you from breaking through limiting beliefs (18:00)
  • The “Breakthrough” mind hack to overcome money and self-worth issues in two days (21:15)
  • Overcoming negative programming about success that you picked up from your parents (and how to let go of it) (22:15)

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