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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 22, 2023

You know what the most important part of real estate investing is that most investors overlook?

It’s not chasing after deals or closing them.

The most important part of real estate is data. It’s something that all amateurs neglect. Yet, without data, you're stumbling around in the dark like a blind person, hoping to strike a gold vein.

But with data, you can run off like bandits and make informed and profitable decisions about where to invest, when to sell, and what trends to keep an eye on.

In this episode, Jon Commers of Visible City, joins us to discuss how to use data to invest in your next lucrative deal.

Want to tap into this hidden knowledge of how successful investors use data to pump out cash with their deals?

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Two ways the transformation of physical cities will impact real estate deals in the future (4:15)
  • How “intelligent” data is used by world class investors to keep pushing profitable deals (14:15)
  • The secret “mobile phone” data technique to gauge which community you should put your money into next (15:12)
  • Why smart investors look at delinquent property tax to choose their next booming city(16:40)
  • How to use data with this “subconscious” method to raise capital and fund your next real estate deal (25:30)

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