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REI Marketing Nerds

Apr 12, 2023

The real estate market changes almost every day.  You have upswing markets and downswing markets.  

The novice investors rely on one strategy until that strategy leaves them with a negative net worth and eventually leads them to bankruptcy.  This is what happens in every crash.

What do smart investors do?  They figure out a different strategy for every market swing.

They master foreclosures and pre-closures to get deals and money in their pockets—no matter which way the market swings.

In this episode, Marty Boardman, a seasoned investor, joins us to discuss how to find lucrative buying opportunities at huge discounts by using pre-foreclosures and foreclosure strategies. 

Want to find lucrative deals in any market?

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Use this money-making acquisition strategy that successful real estate investors use for a lifetime (7:07)
  • Lessons from 2008-2009 market crash that left investors with a negative net worth (and how to avoid it from happening to you) 7:28)
  • Where to find lucrative deals for pennies on the dollar for maximum returns (7:59)
  • The “Equity Build Up” strategy that allows you to sweep in to acquire deals before anyone else hears about it (8:20)
  • The two skills needed when dealing with distressed sellers to avoid getting ripped off (9:46)
  • The content creation strategy for savvy real estate investors (yes, all investors need this skill) (12:28)
  • The 4 Emotions homeowners dealing with foreclosures face (and how knowing these helps you land lucrative deals) (15:00)
  • The “Two Option Close” technique that convinces distressed sellers to do a deal with you (17:42)

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