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REI Marketing Nerds

Apr 19, 2023

We are in the middle of a market correction.  

Every novice investor is scared and shaking in their pants.  They bought properties and are holding onto it for less than they’re worth. 

What are successful investors doing?

They are adding new deals to their pipelines every day with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures at a huge discount.  

These strategies will work in every market cycle, including the correction going on now.  

In this episode, Marty Boardman, joins us again to help you understand the ins and outs of distressed sales strategies.  

Want to navigate this tough market and come out ahead of other investors? 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Pivot” technique to use if the market crashes (1:54) 
  • Why there will be foreclosures in any market (and how to capitalize on them) (2:30)
  • 4 reasons why this crash will be different from 2008-2009 (and what you can do to prepare) (4:16)
  • The 3 money making strategies that you should employ in any real estate market (even in a crash) (4:57) 
  • How to avoid paying too much for a property by XYZ method (6:50)
  • The “Teflon” deal strategy process that closes deals within an hour (9:35)
  • How to make the banks move quickly when processing deals (so that you can scale your business) (10:30)

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