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REI Marketing Nerds

May 3, 2023

Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart.  It takes time to build great systems to help you grow.    

Most end up burning out before they achieve their goals of freedom.      

Why is that?  

They don’t know how to build systems that include strong team members.  Having the right team members can make or break your business, and this is especially true if your business partner is also your life partner.  

In this episode, Glenn and Amber Schworm from, join us again to discuss how to build a balanced life with the right team members.    

Discover the secrets to having a successful family life and a thriving real estate business at the same time.  

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to overcome the “Operator” mindset that keeps new investors stuck with limited cash flow (2:07)  
  • The “connected” method for creating successful teams that operates without your daily input (2:58)
  • The secret to managing 40 houses all at the same time (with limited resources) (3:20)
  • How to find time for date nights with a hectic schedule and multiple projects running at the same time (3:47)
  • The “PI Index” formula for figuring out what your strengths are (so you can stop doing the things you hate) (6:26)
  • The one thing you should look for in every future team member to hire a superstar (8:04)
  • 2 questions that every real estate investor should ask to live a life filled with purpose (10:53)
  • The “blame game” that destroys partnerships in marriage and in business (and how doing XYZ prevents it) (15:22)

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