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REI Marketing Nerds

May 31, 2023

Raising capital is a must for multi-family investments.  Cash is the bloodline of every deal. And when you need it the most, it’s impossible to find anyone to fund your deals.  

But when you try raising Real estate investors approach raising capital out of desperation, lenders can smell it a mile away. Some even “blacklist” you from future money (even when you’re not as desperate).   

But… [enter opposite of what we set up in the beginning, instead of the “leaving it to chance line] 

In this episode, Josh Cantwell, joins again to show us how to raise any amount of money you want without seeming like a panhandler.  

Listen Now!

  • The rule of thumb for raising capital to fund 100M plus deals with multi-family property (3:24)
  • The “backwards” way of getting all the money you want in the world (without even having a deal in front of you) (4:29)
  • How to get 20-25% annualized return without doing any of the work (6:40)
  • Why financial advisors give you bad advice on where to put your money (8:14)
  • How to overcome SEC’s requirements for funding (so that they don’t kill your deal) (8:44)
  • The “Infinite” gains strategy for pitching your investment deal (so you win every time) (10:14)
  • How to use this “minor scarcity” method to market yourself as the authority to other money investors (12:34)
  • The “one to many” content creation strategy for building relationships with money investors (16:34)

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