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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 7, 2023

Some people are dealt a bad hand in life when it comes to money. When your parents don’t understand money, they brainwash you with their beliefs, and  cause you to repeat the same money mistakes they made.

Worst part?

Most don’t make it out of this “generational curse”.  

However, you as the black sheep in the family usually find a way to break the generational curse and become a millionaire.  

It’s been shown throughout history that most millionaires—and even billionaires start out with absolutely nothing.

In this episode, TJ Ainsborough, joins us to discuss how he went from having absolutely nothing and working a physically draining job in the oil field, to becoming a millionaire real estate investor. 

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Show highlights include: 

  • The “Pokemon Strategy” for investing in real estate and unlocking  maximum gains on each sale (4:43)
  • The weird way being laid off can actually unlock an avalanche of real estate fortunes (even if everything seems hopeless right now)  (7:09)
  • How creating a boring Excel spreadsheet can be the single greatest networking hack for your real estate investing company (10:46)   
  • Why cutting the areas you help in half puts finding profitable deals on “easy mode” (11:30)   
  • The “Flipping” formula for buying 67 units during the pandemic (and how this still works today) (12:06)
  • Two quick ways to break free from poverty consciousness you picked up from your parents (20:01)
  • How to build a social media brand to cultivate joint venture relationships for your deals (23:39)

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