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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 21, 2023

Most people believe that being a successful real estate investor is just about the technical– buying the right property, financing the deals, and building systems.   

If this were true, all investors would be successful.  But they aren’t because they miss out on one crucial ingredient: 


Without relationships, you would not be able to source hidden deals, raise capital, or build a strong team.

But building relationships is hard. Unless, well, you’re an authority in your local marketplace. Then it’s a breeze! 

In this episode, Chris Prefontaine from Smart Real Estate Coach, joins us again to discuss how to build instant authority in your marketplace.  Find out how to become the local go-to expert that everyone wants to do business with.  

Listen Now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “information overload” trap that keeps many investors trapped from achieving their cash flow numbers (0:46)
  • How to weed out the false gurus and find the best mentorship in the real estate space (1:31)
  • Why Brian Tracy says 7 years is absolutely a must to be good at any skill (and why this is crucial for all investors) (2:44)
  • The fastest way to self-publish a book for instant authority and deal flow (without having to write a single word) (5:21)
  • How the “celebrity” effect in real estate gets your deals funded without headaches (7:11) 
  • A podcasting strategy to find joint venture partnerships and unlimited cash (9:20)
  • Use this unusual 5-year success framework to set goals that guarantees you results as an investor (15:52)

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