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REI Marketing Nerds

Jul 5, 2023

Having a one trick pony—like relying on one acquisition strategy doesn’t work well in the real estate market anymore. 

Why?  When the market shifts,  and you have one way to make money, cash dries up.  

Cash is the bloodline of any business, and this is what causes most investors to declare bankruptcy.  

The truth?

Successful investors always find a new “exit strategy” to add more cash flow to their bottom lines in any market.

In this episode, Corey Geary joins us from Novation Nation again to discuss the ins and outs of the novation strategy.  

Want to pump money into your business by doing deals right across the country?  

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • How to “copy and paste” other successful strategies so that you don’t end up losing your life savings (0:56)
  • The “Novation” strategy to flip a house right across the United States (without taking on any risks) (2:05)
  • The quickest way to scale your real estate business and hoard cash like Scrooge McDuck with this unique strategy (4:00)
  • A lead generation system that has you speaking to motivated sellers like clockwork (without hitting any bottlenecks) (4:23)
  • The “Volume Diet” PPC technique that gets you 1000’s of leads (without you burning through your budget) (5:02)
  • The three criteria for a slam dunk novation deal that pumps cash into your business (6:11)
  • How to eat up your competitors by even paying 10-20% more for your deal (16:21)

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