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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 16, 2023

Making money is great as an investor, but it pales in comparison to this overlooked aspect most investors ignore…

In fact, your future as a real estate investor depends on it.  

And since the government is mandating more rules to follow, this will also impact your investments and your children’s future.

So, what’s this overlooked aspect? 


As more regulations come down the pipeline, you will not know where the lucrative deals are headed.  

In this episode, Bob Greenlee, from E³SG Realty Investments returns to discuss the regulations that will impact you as a real estate investor in the future.  Tune in to profit from these new trends and prevent the government blindsiding your portfolio.

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Show highlights include: 

  • This seductive “Greenwashing” strategy that can actually land you in jail (2:09)
  • Why the securities exchange commission can fine you for these faulty claims as an investor (3:13)
  • Discover new developments in the mortgage industry and seize lucrative opportunities for your portfolio (7:20)
  • The secret future “metrics” that real estate investors should know about to secure their properties (11:02)
  • How to build a purpose- driven investment company that makes you tons of cash and saves the community (14:24)
  • Unlock the path to unstoppable success as an investor with these goal setting guidelines (18:45)

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