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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 6, 2023

Ever wonder where the hidden treasure lies for investors? It's all tucked away in your follow-up game.  

Crack this code, and you'll find yourself with a constant stream of lucrative deals.

But most investors miss this goldmine because they haven't nailed the art of systematic follow-up.

The follow up game is where customers know you are serious.  Miss this crucial step, and you can kiss our cashflow numbers goodbye   

In this episode, we're diving deep with Paul Do Campo – an investor who's also a copywriting genius. We unveil the blueprint for a finely tuned follow-up system. With this in place, you can kiss your dry spells of deals goodbye.  

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Show highlights include: 

  • The “Bread and Butter” strategy to make money outside of real estate (so you can funnel it back in) (2:47) 
  • How to fix the “leaky bucket” cash problem that all investors face (3:37)
  • Use this back-end marketing funnel to get you more leads coming in as soon as you hit enter from day one (5:00)
  • The “force multiplier” effect to close more deals in one month than you did in the past year (7:09)
  • How to sift through the tire kickers from the real sellers and get more cash in the door this month (9:12)
  • Why 90% of investors mess this up every time they pitch their cash offers (9:39)
  • The only tiny website tweak that fills your calendar with motivated sellers ready to work with you today(15:27)

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