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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 20, 2023

Are financial advisors all they're cracked up to be?  

They claim to have a crystal ball, but when you give them your money, your returns barely beat inflation.

The truth about financial advisors?

They are trained by the big financial institutions to push mediocre products with minimal returns.  This leaves you just ahead of inflation, if you are lucky.     

In this episode, Chris Miles, an ex-financial advisor, and current investor joins us to disclose the financial industry and to give you some non-traditional advice to get you off the hamster wheel.  

Listen Now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Grave” mentality that keeps you chasing after money (4:42)
  • How this old corporate advice is making Americans broke everyday (5:02)
  • Why listening to Dave Ramsey for financial advice will never make you wealthy (6:15)
  • How having debt can actually make you rich (even if the interest rates rise) (7:01)
  • Why most financial advisors lie to you about financial freedom (and how to spot them) (7:47)
  • 2 ways to passively invest your money so you never have to work a day again (9:20)
  • The big lies of the stock market that robs you of your wealth (14:22)
  • The systematized way financial institutions hide information from you (19:45)
  • A hidden “raw land” strategy to put money in your pockets monthly (22:49)

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