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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 16, 2019

If you’re anything like most investors, your dream sounds a little bit like this: You have enough motivated seller leads that you can choose which ones will make you the most money. You make a good living from investing without working the entire day and you get to spend a lot of time with your friends and family. Most importantly, you don’t worry about money anymore.

Today’s guest Joe Cordes has made this dream a reality. After working normal jobs, he “burned the ships” and plunged into full-time investing.

If you want to take your REI business full time, this episode is for you. You’ll hear how Joe went from a tired workaholic to relaxed investor and how he makes his deals extra profitable.

Show highlights include:

- How Joe quit his job and became a full-time investor without having a ton of business—and how you can do the same. (10:30)
- Where Joe found the first property he ever bought (when you hear this, it might sound too easy, but it absolutely works). (15:55)
- Yes, the money you can make in investing is nice, but here’s what investing is really about. (19:25)
- How to find out exactly how much work to do for any given deal to reach your target income—whether it’s $50,000 or in the millions! (19:55)

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