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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 6, 2024

In this episode, Dan continues his conversation with Josh Culler about the world of content marketing for real estate investors. From TikTok's marketing potential to the evolving landscape of Facebook as a marketing channel, they explore it all. 

But the real gems lie in their discussion of creating top-notch video content. Josh shares game-changing insights on simplifying video production and the power of consistency in content marketing. 

If you're eager to elevate your real estate marketing game with effective video content, hit play on this episode and get ready to level up.

Show Highlights:

  • Is TikTok the next big thing? [00:47]
  • Learn how TikTok can be used in real estate and business industries. [05:43]
  • Unlock the secrets of marketing funnel channels. [08:29]
  • Discover how media consumption habits have evolved. [11:22]
  • Explore the endless possibilities of video ads. [16:53]
  • Are you ready to take your videography skills to the next level? [19:17]
  • The undeniable significance of consistency. [22:39]
  • How to create stunning videos effortlessly [23:49] 

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