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REI Marketing Nerds

May 1, 2024

Join us on this week's episode of REI Marketing Nerds as we sit down with the multifaceted Frank McKinney, a real estate innovator and best-selling author making real change through his inspiring work. 

We'll hear Frank's journey from scribbled life philosophies to impactful writing that does more than just sell - it sustains life and hope for Haitian orphans. Get an inside look at the balance and focus required to juggle high-stakes real estate and intense ultramarathons while making every step count for a greater cause. Prepare to be moved and motivated by Frank's unique perspective. 

Make sure to tune in and learn from a man who lives by giving more than he receives, here on REI Marketing Nerds with Dan Barrett.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn about this amazing journey from a 1.8 GPA to Harvard Business Club. [01:46]
  • Are you able to handle several things simultaneously? [06:54]
  • The significance of saying no to your own self. [08:00]
  • Discover the secret to ultra marathoning success. [10:01]
  • Do you know how to transform your mind and body for success? [13:45]
  • Are you constantly seeking something new? [16:50]
  • The significance of gratefulness. [17:19]
  • Discover a new way of learning and implementing. [20:23]

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