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REI Marketing Nerds

Feb 6, 2019

Whether you use bandit signs, direct mail, Google AdWords or other marketing channels, there’s one thing you can’t run a business without these days: A website.

Now, different investors have different websites. And there’s many websites that can pull leads for you. But there are a few things every successful investor website needs so it delivers motivated sellers to you.

In this episode, you’ll hear which elements you absolutely need to make your website get leads for you (You can implement some of these in under 5 minutes).

Show highlights include:

- If you only improve one thing on your website, make it this to increase your SEO rankings and your conversion rate. (2:45)
- The two free softwares that minimize the guesswork involved in generating deals through your website. (3:20)
- You can have the most persuasive website, but if you neglect this, most visitors won’t ever see your site. (7:20)
- The single best medium to get more engagement from your website visitors. (17:55)
- How your website can help you shake off the sleazy image many investors people have from the REI industry. (19:40)

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