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REI Marketing Nerds

Feb 13, 2019

When you think of a soldier, you probably think of admirable attributes: Military men are known for being disciplined, mentally and physically strong and honorable.

And while real estate investing is nothing like a warzone deployment, you can get more leads and close more deals by applying what the military has known for centuries.

Keith Gillespie is an active duty Marine and real estate investor. On this episode, you’ll hear him describe how his military career has helped him become a successful investor.

Show highlights include:

- When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, here’s what you need to do to catapult yourself forward (this is the exact opposite of what you probably think you must do). (7:25)
- How military systems can help you get the most out of any business partnership. (10:30)
- How waiting for weeks at a time can lead you to success if what you do isn’t working. (17:05)
- You can forget most sales tactics and still close a lot of deals if you can do this. (18:45)
- How to organize your day when REI when you’re not a full time investor. (29:15)
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