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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 27, 2019

As an ambitious real estate investor, you’ve probably gotten advice about creating content. And the advice you get varies, depending on who you ask. So should you write as many blog articles as possible to try to rank for keywords? Or should you write a few high-quality pieces? Maybe even try video content?

In this episode, you’ll find out how to use blogging to attract more motivated sellers.

Once you implement what you’ve learned, you’ll be creating effective content that brings you leads instead of blindly pumping out articles that don’t convert. Use these strategies and become the trusted advisor to house sellers in your area!

Show highlights include:
- Forget the complicated algorithm explanations—here’s how SEO works in six words. (2:50)
- The strategy everybody is doing—and how to improve it so you fly past your competition in the search rankings. (6:05)
- How to create content that boosts your rankings AND helps you close leads easier at the same time. (8:45)
- How to build backlinks sustainably so Google can’t pull the floor out from under you overnight (even agencies get this wrong. Get this right and you’ll conquer your market over time). (11:30)
- The two-point checklist for creating great content to ensure you put out great content that attracts sellers and boosts rankings. (12:30)

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