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REI Marketing Nerds

May 8, 2019

Growing a successful REI business usually takes longer than expected. You realize it takes more than copying what others do. You realize marketing isn’t as easy as 1-2-3.

When that happens, it’s easy to lose hope. It’s easy to feel betrayed by authors, experts and authorities. And you might even get close to giving up when it’s been months without a deal.

But when you stop focusing on what you have right now, you realize you can have everything you want—if you follow the right process.

In this episode, you’ll hear exactly which process to follow to reach your goals reliably and move past any obstacles on the way.

Unlock the deals and the lifestyle you want when you make this mindset switch. Will you make the change?

Show highlights include:

- The biggest difference between investors who “make it” and those who try to get their first deal forever. (2:45)
- If you set monthly or yearly goals, you’re at risk for losing motivation, getting frustrated and getting stuck in a day job. (6:15)
- Why wanting to be the best is the worst way to actually become the best. (8:45)
- If you can answer “yes” to these two questions, you’ll almost certainly reach your goals (and it might not even take as long as you thought it would). (10:45)

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