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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 19, 2019

Whether you started investing 5 days ago or 5 years ago, you run a business.

And like any business owner, you ran into some challenges.

Even though your problems might look unsolvable, there’s usually an investor you can learn from who has overcome and even profited from the challenges you’re facing.

One of those investors is Greg Dickerson, who has started 12 businesses inside and outside of the real estate industry, doing more than $200 million in real estate deals.

In this episode, he’ll tell you what got him where he is today and what you can do to become a successful real estate investor.

Show highlights include:

  • The non-traditional real estate business model one of Greg’s partners is using to charge hotel rates on his property without owning a hotel. (2:40)
  • The 3 most important skills you’ll need to build a business that works for you (not vice versa) that you can learn from the restaurant industry. (9:05)
  • 2 principles any successful business owner must follow to reach his goals. (11:15)
  • Greg’s no. 1 marketing book he used to make tiny businesses look like market leaders within a weekend. (15:45)
  • 7 skills Greg teaches his coaching students to dominate the market they serve. (18:45)

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