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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 4, 2019

You’ve probably tried a few channels to market your business already–and have most likely seen varying success. 

The problem with most marketing channels is: They chew through your money. With direct mail, you’re paying for every mailbox your ads are delivered to. With most online channels, you’re paying for every click. 

But there’s one channel you don’t have to pay anything for: SEO. Today, AdWords Nerds’ head of SEO Patti Dalessio stops by to teach you all about why showing up on Google search is so important and how you can get better traffic for free.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why SEO traffic almost always gives you better leads than paid marketing. (10:30)
  • Why paid ads keep getting more expensive (and will get even more so in the future). (16:00)
  • The real reason why organic leads are higher-quality than offline leads (and it’s NOT because they’re “free”). (21:35)
  • If you’re already getting leads from SEO, here’s how to turn them into deals much quicker. (22:42)

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