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REI Marketing Nerds

Oct 2, 2019

Most investors share one big struggle: Generating enough leads. If you just had steady lead flow, you’d be closing deals, right?

Unfortunately, the answer is no for many investors. Before a lead becomes money in your bank account, you have to close them–and that’s not as easy as sending a contract their way and waiting for cash to pour in. 

John Martinez teaches investors how to close more sales and modernize their sales processes to close more deals faster and with less work. 

Whether you want to turn a filled CRM into more deals or can’t afford to not close the few leads you have—listen to this episode if you want to master selling as a real estate investor (without becoming a manipulative real estate shark). 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “old school approach” many investors get taught—that doesn’t work as well in today’s landscape. (9:20)
  • Uncomfortable with “selling”? Here’s the first two steps to closing deals without becoming a used car salesman. (16:27)
  • The one realization that can let you run your business—and keeps your business from running you (better realize this now instead of wasting years…). (21:48) 
  • When to stop following advice from even the biggest investors–and when it’s better to copy their strategies. (24:20)


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