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REI Marketing Nerds

Oct 23, 2019

When an investor generates leads online using any given method, they might just have gotten lucky or not have a lot of competition. Copying them might be like expecting to win by copying someone’s winning lottery numbers.

But what if a strategy helps generate motivated seller leads online for 100 investors? In this episode, you’ll hear about the insights gained from working with 100 investors to generate more motivated seller leads. 

Listen now and find out what works across the board and how you can apply the learnings to improve your own lead generation process and close more deals!

Show highlights include: 

  • The 4 biggest obstacles in the way of most investors’ success. (2:45)
  • 3 questions to ask yourself when you encounter the “strategic hurdle” and don’t know who to target. (4:24)
  • How the 2 biggest online marketing obstacles can set your investing business up for failure—and how not to let them ruin you. (6:55)
  • How to make sure you actually implement what you learn in coaching programs or courses. (10:36)
  • The most important thing you have to do whenever you learn something new about business or investing. (12:45)

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