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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 6, 2019

In a market where everybody is becoming an investor and billion dollar startups get ready to flip a small town worth of properties every week, it’s hard to establish yourself as an investor. 

And while many investors might get swallowed by these trends, you don’t have to. In this episode, you’ll hear about the first step to escaping competition and thriving in a market others don’t even survive in. 

Listen now if you’re ready to overcome the competition and eliminate the stress of “trying to make it”!

Show highlights include:

  • The first “big pond” you’ll want to tap into if you want to attract motivated sellers (no matter when you look, there’ll always be sellers here!). (5:48)
  • How bad timing means you miss out on dozens of leads every week–and how to appear in front of homeowners right as they’re looking to sell. (9:30)
  • Why you should ignore Google’s advice on how to run your ad campaigns. (16:09)
  • The first place any seller goes before they even think about selling to a corporate investor. (10:02)

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