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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 25, 2019

Most real estate investors do one of two things: They do no marketing at all—or they market and sell so much on every channel that they never go deep enough to see results. 

Neither of those are good. If you want to attract and close leads like a pro, you should execute what’s called a “barbell strategy”.

This is not yet another hack, trick or “quick win”. If you understand the barbell strategy, you’ll understand how to use all the marketing tactics so they actually work. Ready to become one of the few investors who really “gets” marketing? 

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The big problem with Facebook, Google and other marketing tactics. (3:05)
  • If you’re “kinda doing” anything in marketing, you’re wasting your money and time. Do this instead. (7:34)
  • How much time, money and focus to allocate towards strategies and tactics you’re only trying out. (11:31)
  • How to benefit massively off of high-risk, high-reward strategies without actually risking your business. (12:30)

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