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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 8, 2020

When you got started in REI, you probably thought it’s simple: Buy houses and sell them. 

But as you advanced and learned more about the business, you probably realized it’s much more complex. 

Most investors these days don’t completely understand what they really do. Jay Hines is one of the investors who does—that’s why he calls himself a “transaction engineer”, NOT an investor.

Ready to understand the truth about deals, real estate and business? Listen now and become one of the elite investors who actually know what they’re talking about and cash in on that knowledge.

Show highlights include: 

  • How Jay can profit off of almost any property–and the only unknown left in his deals. (3:51)
  • Why “location, location, location” is outdated wisdom–and the word you should actually be repeating to yourself. (6:13)
  • The biggest mistake rookie investors make when they enter the business—and how to fix it by asking yourself a simple question. (10:34)
  • The simplest process to getting a deal (this might even sound too easy…).(16:18)

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