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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 15, 2020

Many real estate investors dream of quitting their jobs to do deals full time. And while that’s a great thing for many, that might not be your reality (yet). Maybe you don’t even want to invest full time and would rather keep your REI business a side hustle.

If you’d rather keep your investing business a side hustle or if it’s just not realistic to quit your job, you’ll love this episode. Today, you’ll hear from Ryan Substand, who runs an investing business while also working a full time job.

It’s possible to be a successful investor, even if you’re working 9-5. If you’re ready to get the success you know you can have, listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • How Ryan balances family life, investing and his full time job (and the only thing he doesn’t compromise on). (10:11)
  • Where Ryan gets his work done—this sounds insignificant, but is a giant productivity secret. (12:02)
  • How to get leads and deals with direct mail in 2020–plus exactly how often to send your letters and what channels to combine them with. (19:03)
  • How to become your market’s go-to investor by using “multichannel marketing”. (21:05)

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